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MultiChain helps  to build and deploy blockchain applications with speed & Low Trasnfer Fee With Utilities.


WhiteX Just Entered In NFT & Trying Best To Provide Best Service In This Field With Launching NFT Platfrom Very Soon


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WhiteX is a Utility Token providing the best Utility Payment Services in CryptoWorld .

Charity Foundation

People now have more information access channels because of the advancement of Internet technology, and the charity has become more open and transparent. Simultaneously, internet crowdfunding has emerged as a new avenue for the general public to engage in public-benefit initiatives. The crowdfunding platform has created a database for the project. Effective project monitoring is an essential component of the public welfare crowdfunding platform’s risk automated management system. Improving the openness of charitable data is a crucial approach to boost conventional contribution and online crowdfunding reputation. A traceability system may be built using Internet technology to enhance the technical transparency of charity. This article proposes a new model of philanthropy based on blockchain technology for this aim. Similarly, WhiteX has also created a charity platform on behalf of their token. The purpose of the charity is to act as a covid relief fund for the affected and the poor. Currently, two active events are in place for the public to make their donations. The first one is Oxygen for India, and the second is Corona Virus Pandemic. Due to the shortening of oxygen supply worldwide and especially third world countries whose medical facilities are being tested to the limit, India is in dire need of oxygen. So, this great initiative by WhiteX will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact and provide relief to the affected and the poor, who cannot afford the minimum healthcare required by an ordinary citizen. The second event currently open for donation is the Pandemic Relief fund for people who lost their jobs and are struggling to support their families. Many people don’t have employment because of covid, and they can’t eat food or have anything. Support from state agencies, local governments, and individuals has been encouraging, and it’s allowing us to make a difference in these challenging conditions. However, there are millions more who require our assistance. Each prepared dinner will set you back $25, and each grocery box will set you back $825. Each grocery package includes rice, lentils, oil, spices, and veggies, enough to feed two people for 42 meals over 21 days. As a result, we will make every effort to provide them with various items for covid. Donations can be made in the form of cryptocurrency. WhiteX is currently accepting: Tron, WhiteX, Bittorrent and USDT.

WhiteX Mining Ecosystem

WhiteX DApps is a staking and farming dApp. The platform is located on TRON. With WhiteX tokens, you are able to participate in the mentioned processes. You stake WHITEX, and farm TRX and BTT coins


WhiteX Just Entered In NFT And Trying To Launch Many Products On It As Team Working On Mintplaces & MarketPlaces

WhiteX Cex

The best crypto exchanges to work with are those with a wide variety of crypto for trading, low fees With Many fetures For WhiteX like Farming & Predictions In Which User Predict BTC Price Up or Down And Earn WHX.

WhiteX Dex

Decentralized finance (commonly referred to as DeFi) is a blockchain-based form of finance that does not rely on central financial intermediaries such as brokerages, exchanges, or banks to offer traditional financial instruments, and instead utilizes smart contracts on blockchains, the most common being Ethereum. Our dex Is Live On Tron Network With The Fetures Of Lottery !!

WhiteX Staking

We Working With Our All Partners And Tryong To Add Our Partners on Our Staking And Provide WhiteX Holders & Cryptoworld Best Staking Platfrom

The MultiChain

The best Utility Payment's Token WhiteX Work in 2 Blockchain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you do a lot of reading in the financial arena, you probably have questions about cryptocurrency & WhiteX. .

  • How are cryptocurrency transactions recorded? 

    Cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on a shared, digital ledger called a blockchain. This is decentralized technology, spread across many computers, that records every transaction. 

  • Crypto — umbrella term for all digital and/or virtual currencies Coins — Generally, any cryptocurrency that has its own separate blockchain Tokens — Generally, any cryptocurrency that is built on top of existing blockchain, e.g., some companies issue their own cryptocurrencies, called tokens, which can be used to purchase goods or services specifically from issuing company ICO — Short for Initial Coin Offering, this is analogous to a privately held company going public via an initial public offering (IPO)—a way to raise funds for a new cryptocurrency or expand services for existing coins

  • Simply put, crypto wallets are places to store digital assets more securely than just on an exchange.  You hold your wallet via an exchange account, custody wallet, or outside of the exchange. You can establish an online or “hot” wallet that is internet connected—to your desktop, table or mobile phone. There is also the option to store on a device that is not connected to the internet (“cold” wallet). Cold wallets are the most secure way to store your cryptocurrency, but they are meant for longer-term holdings as they are not connected to the internet. With cold storage, you must remember your private keys (identifier number for your cryptocurrency).

  • It works just like the stock market. The price of crypto is determined by factors such as demand and supply, competition and news developments. And it's highly volatile.

  • Decentralized finance—often called DeFi or open finance—refers to the economic paradigm shift enabled by decentralized technologies, particularly blockchain networks. DeFi signals the shift from a historically centralized and closed financial system toward a universally accessible economy that is based on open protocols that are interoperable, programmable, and composable. From streamlined and secure payment networks to automated loans to USD-pegged stablecoins, decentralized finance has emerged as one of the most active sectors in the blockchain space. Some of the defining factors of a DeFi application include permissionless architecture (anyone can participate), transparent and auditable code, and interoperability with other DeFi products. DeFi Score offers a single, consistently comparable value for measuring DeFi platform risk.


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